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Default-user J_Scheff
Well deserved. This game deserves even more sales.
Default-user J_Scheff
I don't care who we play as. As long as Clem is in the story I will enjoy it. I normally am a first person shoot em up style gamer. COD, BF3, Halo, but this game surprised me and has possibly become my favorite game. Props to TTG!
Default-user J_Scheff
Bmfstunner said:
I agree with your article, I think the most disappointing part of the whole game was the choice of removing Lee's arm. I'm not going to argue...
The Walking Dead is a game that plays with your emotions. It gives you hope only to cut you down and strip you back to a bleak dark hopeless state. I really wish Lee would have lived, he was an awesome character to play. But truth is, the more emotionally angry and sad you can make your fans, the better the game is. Look at season 2 of the tv show. The first 6 episodes build up this hope that sophia is still alive, then bam she walks out of the barn a zombie. And this game is tailored to how you play, the relationships you chose to make and the decisions you make do effect how the game plays. This is a tailored experience not an altered experience. Plus season 2 is coming for this game, having 20 different endings for season 1 would mean 20 different beginnings to season 2 and ultimately 40 different endings to season 2. That kind of game woiuld require more people and more money than tell tale has...
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