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Default-user IrkDirk
I love their isometric gameplay! I played the other Divinity games and loved them.
Default-user IrkDirk
Chocolate Batman said:
Good guy Respawn lookin' out for Xbox One players.
Someone has to. I feel like we've been left out.
Default-user IrkDirk
SteadilyBrowsing said:
Is this one of those b-rated games that are actually phenomenal?
Looks like it tbh
Default-user IrkDirk
Does this look old or is it just me?
Default-user IrkDirk
The price for Divinity is absolutely insane. I love the series so it's hard for me to say no but at that price I just can't say yes.
Default-user IrkDirk
That's a little expensive...
Default-user IrkDirk
I'm hesitant to say whether or not I'm excited. I almost think they should let sleeping dogs lie and leave the series alone. I don't want to be disappointed again.
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