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Default-user integrity bomb
This game is so short that they def have to give away free shit like that to get people interested.
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Wish them well, TAKE THE BOOT. Rude.
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Can't wait to see what they can bring to the PS4/Xbox One! Grats guys
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MidSchism said:
it's got to feel great to be an indie dev and have your game coming to the newest consoles
They're probably really excited. I'm excited for them! I backed this.
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EarlofSound said:
Well it was approved that doesn't mean they'll be able to do it.
Have faith! They might be able to get it on one of them
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Let's take a moment here are realise that her body is a bit more realistic than most champions. Look how skinny she is and how flat chested she is. Good on you Riot.
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