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Default-user Inkky
Wow. Can they really do this??
Default-user Inkky
Diotrigger said:
Who plays this still!?
Maybe not the story but the way it was delivered.
Default-user Inkky
Shihab said:
Rad! Anything over 5 is worth it.
Saving ten, sold!
Default-user Inkky
New year, new gaming! Cant wait to get in on this chapter
Default-user Inkky
Selkie said:
Will it be shitty games I'll never ever use or download?
Dude no. It's all about free Xbox One exclusive games!
Default-user Inkky
Not worth it till you buy a bigger hard drive
Default-user Inkky
Kidz with guns said:
They should open up a forum to log questions that people have
Yeah I doubt they will have someone trolling the PSblog for all the questions people are asking
Default-user Inkky
Delete everything you love, turn off. Install. Turn off. Install, turn off. Play.
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