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Default-user InfinityBlade
This series is so awesome! I love almost all of Telltales games
Default-user InfinityBlade
Again, this is one of those features that should have been on the console in November.
Default-user InfinityBlade
Some of these look exciting. Some.
Default-user InfinityBlade
Juggly said:
Fuck yeah! Tomb Raider!
Definitely better than MS is doing
Default-user InfinityBlade
So they don't want to think that the two things are can't work without eachother? I mean people should know that they aren't stuck together.
Default-user InfinityBlade
CincoDeJuego said:
I'm done with this game. It was fun in the beginning, but online is so broken that I'm done.
Typical. It doesn't matter, idiots.
Default-user InfinityBlade
Local Hag said:
Hell! I want spelunky on my vita at that price! MAKE IT HAPPEN SONY
Yeah it's only available in Euro, lulz.
Default-user InfinityBlade
Right in me shivers said:
Their target is snowballing teams instead of snowballing players. I can see why but it would be great if they could get a cap on people who...
They can't stop people from smurfing to harass, you can though. Report them and hopefully they get sent to the tribunals.
Default-user InfinityBlade
I want this. I want it now MAKE IT AFFORADABLE
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