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Default-user Immasnaaaake
SimplySasquatch said:
Disney should cut their losses and just remake some old games. Oh, and while they are at it...How about a brand new Kingdom Hearts
I don't think Kingdom Hearts is Disney Interactive though. I believe it's Square Enix with a Disney license Either way, I want a new Kingdom Hearts also. I suppose we can settle for the HD remix coming out soon.
Default-user Immasnaaaake
Franklin definitely looks like he has the most action.
Default-user Immasnaaaake
Stimpy said:
Why is this guy always doing weird things in his photos? Who holds bananas and looks you in the eye like that? Who does that?
The Japanese
Default-user Immasnaaaake
I have high hopes for this game. Let's hope the revamp made it worthy
Default-user Immasnaaaake
MonkeyPants said:
Is this cel-shaded?
"The cel-shaded visuals were a little rough at the time," Was that so hard?
Default-user Immasnaaaake
New generation and Nintendo is still the red-headed step child
Default-user Immasnaaaake
I hope this is finally they ear CoD is overthrown
Default-user Immasnaaaake
Damn it's been a rough year for the industry, hopefully things pick up with next-gen
Default-user Immasnaaaake
hahah "f*ck you"....such an awkward moment after
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