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Well the MS and x1 bashing has been going strong for quite a while and that Alan Wake part made me laugh. On what exactly is he basing the assumption that AW would have done better on the ps3? That ps3 gamers like “that sort” of games? Survival horror? By that “logic” I could go and say that Dust 514 would have fared better on the x360 … but the truth is its just speculation on my part. Btw how about this statement and the notion that Sony cares about gamers, but MS not so much. "The first five million are going to buy it (PS3), whatever it is, even [if] it didn't have games." (David Reeves on the PS3 launch, 2007) The GameSkinny article might be an opinion piece, but is heavily biased and apparent by the way the author talks about either Sony or MS and their respective products. Btw did MS make a lot of mistakes well the RROD worth 2 billion would clearly point to that, but too claim how MS doesn’t care about gamers because of Sony willing to take risk although, imo, they weren’t really, as the money they were losing affected the whole company and not just the PlayStation division and seeing how many financial problems they head (and according to them aren’t over) I’m lead to believe those weren’t expect or wanted losses. Btw Here are some more of the claims Sony made and according to the author it’s one of the most prominent companies when it comes to “amazing” claims.
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