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Default-user HolyCrapBatman
Microsoft is copying the "rarity" feature from the PS4. Microsoft is a joke. lol
Default-user HolyCrapBatman
You must be joking when you say Xbox One has a better fall line up. I don't think many people are foolled by such missleading claims. lol The Xbox One hasn't received any exclusives since Titanfall dropped. Their next exclusive is Sunset Overdrive. Since Titanfall, PS4 received Infamous and MLB14 The Show. The Last of Us Remastered comes out soon. Then comes Driveclub, LBP 3, Planetside 2, Samurai Warriors 4, H1Z1, Deep Down "beta", Kingdom Under Fire 2 "beta", and PS4 has exclusive indies of it's own. Sure, quality of titles is based on pure opinion but you seem to have excluded many titles for PS4. When comparing sheer volumes of games, PS4 has Xbox One beat factually and then you must consider PS+. Perhaps this is why PS4 has been beating the living crap out of Xbox One.... the volume of games is not so even as you believe.
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