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OK! I was pretty impressed with the way they integrate the Living room experience and the XBOX One!!!! But aren't the consoles supposed to be about GAMING??? I Honestly loved the abilities that the XBOX One gives the developers but whats the point of getting an XBOX One with you can have a powerful PC which can Skype, Watch Live TV, Surf the Internet and Also play games and that also can take the full potential of hardware and Games that consoles aren't capable of even till this day???? and don't get me started about the backward compatibility that the XBOX One doesn't support, I mean people have been playing the 360 for quite a while, why do they want to kill the 360 all together and want to make all gamers shift to the ONE??? I mean they can still milk the 360... Also the always been connected online to play my Offline single mode player, what's that about ????? I see competition getting IGNITED here, lol! PS4... but i was impressed also with the controller, it looks smooth. overall, at a point it got me excited but it didn't make me jump outta my seat. A question here, whats the point of buying an XBOX One, when i got a PC and can play games from 10 years ago, also can play offline with the XBOX ONE Controller and with stronger hardware and play games more powerfully, in the addition to doing all the XBOX ONE can do " Skype, TV, Internet " and don't get me started about the Prices???? One last thing, where is Bill Gates, he was there when the 360 was released???? I wanted to hear him talk!!! lol !
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