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Default-user hessuss
Lorange said:
what is with the ladies in this??
so you are a Badass too! :D no mercy, this game will be like a song Megadeth Take no prisoners!
Default-user hessuss
What a trailer! That before the release of the game I did not expect!! Wonderful, wonderful trailer, wonderful game! Waiting for release!!
Default-user hessuss
A few days to the release of the game and another gameplay! I was not expecting this! CI Games, you do not need to convince me anymore, I'm waiting for June 10th!
Default-user hessuss
just half a month times when the Nazis get a kick in the ass will return! and I am glad that I can play a game that will be happening in Poland, even though I live in the USA, my roots are Polish.
Default-user hessuss
This gameplay is from the console version, so there is a chance that Graphically will get even better! Almost two months to the release of the game, and then a month I'm not for anyone!
Default-user hessuss
@ sonofzeus I totally agree! The whole idea of doing a tactical shooter set in WWII era is a very good idea. Now only expect to release the game.
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