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Glad I'm not the only one that feels AC4 is drivel. I bought AC4, first I ever played in the series, and the game has utterly uninspired me and turned me off right from the get-go. Dying a million times for not adhereing to exact mission perameters. Spending ages following ppl in boring fashion. This may be the first and last time I touch an Assassins Creed game
Default-user Heavenshitman
Edit, bought my WiiU system for less than a 'PS4'
Default-user Heavenshitman
Don't know if anythings changed at this point but if I'm not mistaken, XB1 and PS4 won't be backwards compatible with their old controllers, so any local multi will cost you new pieces of hardware there (which are set to be pretty expensive). And PS4 will cost that extra wad of cash for the camera if it's to compete with XB1 longterm, and I'm sure Kinect 2 will prove pivotal in letting Microsoft outpace Sony. I have a PC and WiiU. My WiiU is nigh on fully backwards compatible with all Wii software, Wii controllers/peripherals, the system I bought at launch for less than a PS3, and I'm no bargain hunter for games, but my library is over filling and they do sport deals on their e-shop. I'm also guaranteed probably more exclusives all up. Lego City Zombie U Wonderful 101 NSMBU Wario WiiU Zelda Wind Waker HD Pikmin 3 Sonic Lost Worlds So many titles coming WiiU Sports Mario and Sonic Winter Olympics Mario Land 3D Wii Fit U Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze Smash Bros Project X Bayonetta 2 Yoshis Yarn Zelda WiiU Mario Kart 8 Steel Diver Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem
Default-user Heavenshitman
They're still gonna give out the big hitters. I for one am quite excited about the Sonic exclusives. That will be a boon for WiiU very much so. Just with a little luck they can turn out to be really solid titles. Like Sonic used to be in the 2D era
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