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Default-user HarlemShaking
TwoTonTesla said:
So... is this going to be Heavy Rain esque?
Default-user HarlemShaking
HAH! I see what you did there.....
Default-user HarlemShaking
trolluhard said:
Why would I play this when I could just play Diablo 3?
I think what oyu meant to say was Diablo 2
Default-user HarlemShaking
Lizzy said:
Yeah, could've used better word choice to clarify; the Dragonborn DLC came out for Xbox in December (which you did state in the last sentence of...
Yeah! As much as the wait sucked, it is nice to have it discounted =)
Default-user HarlemShaking
This makes me so happy. Sadly it won't do much, but the fact that they're publicly doing something like this, is awesome.
Default-user HarlemShaking
Awesome episode. A little slower, but hey, they can't all be action packed. Sad to see Darryl go, hope that doesn't mean they won't focus on him at all this season. OR! Is him leaving supposed to be the timeline of the upcoming FPS game! =X
Default-user HarlemShaking
uh.... I can't comment how I feel about this on the internet =P
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