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Default-user HanBrolo
I like indie games, but I feel like they will grossly underuse the PS4's power
Default-user HanBrolo
Stealth20k said:
"72 percent of gamers in the United States play online" for how long? I play for 2 minutes every 6 months. And I really dont like online but I am...
You don't play any online games!?
Default-user HanBrolo
Sounds like a fun character for those who still have interest in the game
Default-user HanBrolo
I rememember this game as a child. Definitely glad they are bringing it back. Judging by Capcom's latest releases, this may be the companies game of the year
Default-user HanBrolo
So many haters here. Ya'll be trippin
Default-user HanBrolo
ChickenFoot said:
I knew Daryl couldn't stay away for long.
The part when Daryl showed up at the end was freaking awesome!
Default-user HanBrolo
I love these videos. Irrational Games doing a great job with BioSHock
Default-user HanBrolo
Rob Hestar said:
I had a feeling this would be crap.I'll be honest,I thought borderlands 2 was an average game aswell and the DLC was god awful( cept for mr...
But in Borderlands, they didn't promise the intense story that Aliens should deliver. We knew heading into Borderlands that it would all be about generic FPS with lots of guns. They overhyped Aliens and now it's biting them in the butt
Default-user HanBrolo
Sold lower than Dead Space 2. Hopefully this shows EA that we wan't the horror back
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