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Default-user GunGriffin
I'm leaving this site now.. I'm so sick of this bull crap and it's not just Sony they favor, it's apple, COD, and the status quo..
Default-user GunGriffin
I'm calling this and every other site out stop feeding console war bs people are tossing death threats, breaking friendships and cupples up over this console war pandering the media is pushing... Sue me if you like but stop favoring one over the other, stop bashing, and stop fighting.. It's stupid.. And the gaming media should be ashamed at what it has become FOX NEWs!
Default-user GunGriffin
Yawn... Who cares.. Sony has been caught lying about frame rates and resolution 6 times now.. It turns out it's not as epic as Sony claims... Plus they need too fluff their system in the media after that show, TV TV, movie talk only 2 big games announced, while Nintendo, and Microsoft showed all games while Sony as usual dropped the ball and did more pot shots at their competitors and twittled their thumbs boasting statistics nobody cared about, people were glued to their seats at Xbox ones, and WiiUs showings people got up and left halfway through the PS4.. Buff said, and paying off the media to get favor coverage is a cheap move from a corporation like Sony who's still in massive dept..
Default-user GunGriffin
Yet another bloated fanboy editor on a gaming page takes pot shots at Microsoft for doing what they promised they would do... And yet this same site expressed glee at PS4s showing, not a fanboy? Your article says your being a fanboy.. PS4 blew it big time the fallowing games for PS4 were teased to have game demos, trailers, and announcements at E3 this year: God of war, GT6, Ports of GT5, God of collection rumors, Killzone collections rumors, and even Last Guardian PS4 footage, plus and not least A new ratchet and clank game not a stupid movie... All was teased too gamers by Sony CEOs... And they get a free pass, but Nintendo and Microsoft do as teased and get the shaft... Fan boyism at it's absolute finest.. No matter how you rationalize the situation...
Default-user GunGriffin
Desperation of what? 5 million sold, that's nothing to sniff at... and Titanfall increased that to 6.5 million sold... yeah totally a failing gaming company... You Sony Fan boys are so devoid of reality, you harp on stuff that's 6 months old, you give Sony a free pass on false advertising frame rates, and resolutions in their games, you bash Microsoft for listen to their customers, then you turn around and praise Sony for ripping off Wiimote (PS Move/Move 2.0) Touch Screen game pad (Wii U gamepad) and PS Eye (every PC camera for the past 7 years plus Kinect/Kinect 2) Project Morphius (Ocolus Rift, and other VR headsets of the past 8 years) Next gen graphics and software (All based on Direct X 11.1 not 11.2, and no hardware to run Direct X 12, let alone they use Open GL 3.0 with copied Direct X 11.1 protocols) Which Company had it's CEOs take a massive pay cut, and drop their bonuses? Sony... Claim they gained the most developers ever: Lets see the real tally here: Let Insamiac Games go Fired 15 devevlopers from Sony Santa Monica Fired 20 Developers from Level 5 Closed down the fallowing studios: Media Molocule, Slant Six, Incognito, and the makers of Playstation all stars Then you claim most exclusives lets see what games Sony killed off here: SOCOM Little Big Planet Warhawk Starhawk Resistance Mod nation Racers Playstation All Stars MAG Dust Wipeout Lets see out of both companies even Nintendo which one of the 3 is in the red by 7.5 billion dollars has a failed movie division, a failed PS3, a failed PS Vita, a failed TV division, sold of their disc manufacturing divison, their PC divison, and a limping Cell phone division, plus a music division that has not signed a new top selling artist in over 5 years? Oh yeah Sony... I'm sorry none of this says innovation, creativity, or fun factor... It all screams a company that's in big trouble and coasting on the success of one platform is not going to save them, don't worry they won't die off Japan would never allow it, however heads will roll Sales will flat line, and stocks will go under... Resulting sadly in half the company getting sold off, and more innocent employees fired because Sony failed to act 6 years ago to stop it.
Default-user GunGriffin
Sho Shibe said:
It's pretty insane that they could release a console with an attachment that made it worse.
Tell that to the PSmove 2.0 on PS4, the PSeye 2 camera, and the 3D features that made half of the games after Uncharted 2 on PS3 look worse then before... yes software takes power, and Kinect is a hardware system that runs on software... Like IDK everything in the world dose?
Default-user GunGriffin
I am the LAW said:
MS. Fuck you :) A little bit.
Remind me whos console this time that it was that had bad HDMI ports, it's UK services hacked in 3 months, has a company behind it in the red by 7.5 billion, and lied about it's native resolutions? Oh yeah PS4...
Default-user GunGriffin
dem beats said:
That's so dumb. If it really does improve the Xone in any way that's gonna be such shit.
So improvements is bad now? wow reaching for the stars and picking up mud to sling at your foe... nice...
Default-user GunGriffin
sonofzeus said:
Ain't gonna happen. So what are the devs going to do, make games based on an Xbone with out Kinect, and tell Xbone owners that hey, we squeezed...
it's not theoretical if you know how as software API works.
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