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"The Elder Scrolls was never really known for fantastic first-person combat." Ok 1) bullshit. Oblivion pioneered visceral, impact-based combat so that first person combat felt real. Sword hit and deflected as they should. Compare it to morrowind. 2) the first person in the elder scrolls MMO is completely tacked on. Zoom all the way in to first person in world of warcraft, and play only like that. Feels bad right? It's harder to target, harder to play. That is EXACTLY what is happening in the elder scrolls online. There's a pair of hands floating in front of you to kind of give you the image that it's doing what skyrim did, but it's not. There is no hit impact, archery is not aim-based. You can't swing for the head or aim for the head and do more damage and I think that when players realize that it's smoke and mirrors, they're going to be really disappointed. Just play the game in 3rd person.
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