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Default-user Greling Jackson
Not so much that the OUYA doesn't take up space on shelf. It's the fact that you can grab it, pack it in your suitcase an easily take it anywhere in the world. If I want to visit China, France, Spain, Korea or Germany, I can just toss the Ouya, console and all, into my carry on duffle bag. Try that with a PS3, Wii or Xbox.
Default-user Greling Jackson
I think the video got bad ratings because for some reason there is this big misconception out there that simply because Ouya runs Android that it will have mobile phone-quality games. No, Android does not equal the types of games you'd find on a phone. Android is a very flexible Linux-based OS. The Ouya will soon have Shadowrun Online and Double Fine Adventure. Trying to play high quality games like that on a phone would prove an utter nightmare. The games on Ouya will be Android-based, but comparing them to the games played on phones is like comparing a PS3 to a DVD player.
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