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Fixmasseffect4 said:
Gamers are mad that they got attached to Commander Shepard for Mass Effect 1 and 2 with all the DLC content. To then play Mass Effect 3 and get...
... What? There was one ending where everything in the galaxy was destroyed, being the low EMS Destroy ending. That fate could otherwise be averted if you had high enough EMS. You also claim that Bioware 'killed' Shepard. In a literal sense, no, they didn't. That choice was in your hands. In a figurative sense, to keep making Mass Effect games with Shepard in them would kill what fans of Mass Effect loved about the character. We all loved Shepard, and that's why we continued playing Mass Effect for the duration of the three games. However, to continue exploring the Mass Effect universe with the same character would lead to the games becoming stale and not in the least enjoyable. Don't be afraid of a breath of fresh air.
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