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Default-user GreasyFork
You're so lucky dude! I want to play this!!
Default-user GreasyFork
Fillibuster said:
The fact that it sold more than Assassin's Creed is phenomenal.
Phenomenal but it's a WORSE game.
Default-user GreasyFork
I hope its so they could harness the full power of the Xbox One.
Default-user GreasyFork
Yeah but if they don't up the pay out in the end it's almost not worth it. I'm sure as hell not going to pay for in game money
Default-user GreasyFork
Local Hag said:
So if you install alllll of those games it comes out to around 341-342 gb. How much room the os take up? Will there be enough room after all?
It probably doesn't take up more than 30gb so it'll be ok.
Default-user GreasyFork
Now this has my attention. I see some stuff that looks like league but it looks so much more hectic
Default-user GreasyFork
So you have no choice other than to play the dude they want you to? I really like customizing characters. Not implementing that seems almost lazy in an RPG. I get it in platformers tho
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