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Default-user Grance
So I just sign up and bam? What if I already did the one week trial?
Default-user Grance
Sunset is probably going to be the highlight of the Xone for a while. Move over Titanfall.
Default-user Grance
Ehhhh that's uh creepy way to put it. That would be awesome.
Default-user Grance
TurkyChiken said:
Good this game is too short for what they were trying to price it as.
For real. This should be its normal price.
Default-user Grance
Ghost by Proxy said:
This is pretty awesome for people who need that extra push with getting up and about.
Times are changing, it's not sad but it's not exactly awesome. There's a middle line here for things like that. If they work and get people healthy then you can't really mind it can you?
Default-user Grance
"Small deduction to the amount of cash the winners of Races, Parachuting and Last Team Standing matches receive in order to increase payouts for all other participants." Less money for winners :(
Default-user Grance
Why is this a last option type thing...what else does that diagnostic tool do? Implode the console?
Default-user Grance
inb4 reviews with inappropriate text based images.
Default-user Grance
Cats Nya said:
It wasn't an error. Sony called them up said they were being bitches so EA apologized and stfu.
They didn't mean to wrong Master. They will be good next time.
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