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Cats Nya said:
I want to see more exclusives for the PS4. I feel like I got one just for it to sit there and fester.
The PS4 and Xbone are very expensive paper weights at the minute.
Default-user Graddas80
Ha ha. This makes me laugh. I just read the Wii U equivalent of this article. In it you state that there is a paltry two games coming out this month and you aren't very complimentary about that fact. However here you seem very excited about the fact that there are 4 games releasing on PS4. One of which, Lego Movie, is also being released on Wii U. Another, Rayman Legends, has been out on the Wii U for good few months and is the best version. Outlast is a PC game and is free on PS+. Plants v Zombies is the type of game that would get slated if it was released on Wii U. That leaves us with Thief. Yay!
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