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Oh and to those who still think PvZ2 is a complete ripoff of a game. I would say that this game is about as balanced as it gets for an f2p game. It's on par with Puzzle Pirates and TF2 in terms of gameplay and replayability save for the lack of always constant updates. If you still think that you can't play the full game until you've spent some money in the game, I suggest you man up, pull up your pants and try out new strategies. Take the time to learn from the pros and how to play the game well. Experiment with the game because you don't have a time or energy limit to screw you over if you fail. This is about as good as it will get.
Default-user Gozieson
Yes, pinata parties require money to restart. No, there are no buy back your lawnmowers button anywhere on my iOS. No, pvz2 has stayed more or less the same since I started playing. And people who whine about PvZ2 having IAPs are probably the most impatient bunch of fools I have ever seen. They have a mentality that IAPs would ruin how a game plays. They think that the game is too hard for them when they haven't even scratched the surface. Their mentality nowadays is that if they couldn't purchase any IAPs they wouldn't be able to complete the game. The only reason you can't finish PvZ2 is because of a lack of skill not a lack of depth of your own wallets. So you can't buy some of the plants you like, so what?! There is much more than enough stuff given to you in the game as you play to help you finish all the levels in the game. I can attest that since the first day I played the game I have finished the entire game, ammassed 800k of coins through hard plays and reached lvl72 in Pirate Seas without having to pay much. The only thing I bought from the store was a jalapeño and the Squash. Ok maybe the squash is a bit pay to win. However, if my achievements aren't proof enough on how you can complete the game and still enjoy it, then I don't know what the heck you find is fun. Then again no one ever had a solid opinion on how F2Ps should be made or how it should be reviewed by others...
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