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Default-user Gooey_Kerplooey
M$, Make sure these games I PLAN TO BUY, work on your next console!!
Default-user Gooey_Kerplooey
commented on Wii Mini now coming to UK in reply to BillBroBraggins
BillBroBraggins said:
While decent, WHO exactly wants this?
Default-user Gooey_Kerplooey
Holy shit, screwing over the PC consumer like crazy. I don't mind that it's coming out on consoles, it's just not fair that they won't have the restrictions we had.
Default-user Gooey_Kerplooey
Wow, PS3 owners are still actually playing this?!
Default-user Gooey_Kerplooey
Fallon always gets these exclusives early. I'm not even sure why, because I'm certainly the demographic for that show but nothing is drawing me to it. Conan should really get these. Not only would it be hilarious because he doesn't GET gaming, but I honestly think more people watch his show.
Default-user Gooey_Kerplooey
What a sale. It's ALMOST as awesome as Steams, though not quite
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