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Default-user GoldFig
Occasional Z said:
No more reflections in my TV when it's too dark!
Well, if it's too too dark there will probably still be a reflection (if the game is dark too)
Default-user GoldFig
It's going to make a great Vita port.
Default-user GoldFig
ggiigii said:
This gonna be good!
It's actually really good. I played it on the PC. I might buy it again for the Vita.
Default-user GoldFig
Treef said:
Honestly, who plays this game? LoL is free play that.
I've tried it, it's not that bad. Definitely not awesome though.
Default-user GoldFig
They complain about it yet they still want to use it. I dunno, seems like they really don't care all that much
Default-user GoldFig
It's waaay better than the Luigi one.
Default-user GoldFig
How on Earth could anyone be surprised at this statistic? The PlayStation 4 sold better in the UK to begin with. As for Square Enix, they just want this game to be in the green.
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