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Default-user Go Jira
And still the morons will buy this POS
Default-user Go Jira
Shitbox One, only a mug will buy this, just like all the mugs who kept buying 360's, no matter how many rro'd. MS have seen u fanbois coming.
Default-user Go Jira
Smokey Blunts said:
It gives more benefits!!!!! Stop ignoring the facts!!!!! You can now share your titles around your family/house without having to buy another copy,...
er, you can share ur games with everyone, already. Just like u can watch sports on tv, already, but xbox wants to do this for u. U are paying for a console to dictate what u can and cant play. That is poor business.
Default-user Go Jira
Mugs, wait till they start rrod'ing, how much money will these morons spend on a machine that will conk out?
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