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... ~facedesk~ this is what happens when you let teenagers have iphones xD they get hooked on running over hookers and going to strip clubs... that is what my old roommate did. and well let me see... around every male on campus who has gta 5 does just that.
Default-user GMGamer
... A kid is a kid a parent shouldnt be a bitch and go do what the kid wants. The parents are sucking up to their kids and i have worked to get my games so i believe that anyone who wants to kill should either have their parents take care of them and do something while we actually do work to earn money to survive and thrive. that is what GTA is teaching is how certain people thrive in certain situations so please give me around 100 documents about this stuff and i will happily go through it and tell you what it really means. and there is a reason why certain places will not allow a parent to buy certain games if they have a young child with them.
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