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Default-user Glen
I played games for 40 hrs none stop without any problems, If you under stand sleep missing 1 night sleep is not going to kill you I also keep my self fit and heathy, 11days is the world recorded for staying awake, you are the idiot, playing a game for 40 hrs is very normal for many gamers
Default-user Glen
If the wii U is for games only I will buy one till the Xbox 720 comes out seeing as the quality of Xbox games is not so important to M$ now the Xbox is not really a games system after all and I will go PC if the wili U is not upgradable and the Xbox 720 is not about amazing games, tv should only be a extra not a take over on a game system.
Default-user Glen
It is not the game that killed him, any heathy gamer can play a game with out any problems for 40 hrs none stop, it is his life style, everything that he did in his life leading up to that killed him,, 2 people have walked none stop for 7 days, I normal man stayed awake for 11 days without sleep none of them died, a guy came off a ride and died of a heart attack, did the ride kill him? millions of others came off the ride happy
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