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Hello, I'm the former developer of the present game. I was working as a collaborator, under agreement that I would take legal part of the team and have a share of the income euqal to 20%. Then I found out that their company , Otherworlds, has been shutdown by the house of companies, right before signing a contract which would have had no value whatsoever. They haven't paid me for the many models I have made for them, which are present in this Necromancer and other games made by otherworlds. I've been working for 2 years and had NOTHING back in change. Those are impostors. I already filed a claim on facebook for copyright infringment, cause they are using my models without clearence, they belong to Turbosquid. Beware of those Indie developers. I make models as hobby. They don't. they lied to me for years, until I found out that their company didnt exist, while they were proposing me as co director!!
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