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Enough withthe MOBAs. So sick of the clones
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Lethal Doze said:
Ultimate Team is not exclusive to Xbox
Nope, not exclusive to Xbox.
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Easy solution. Turn down volume, turn on game subtitles and imagine his and Mark Hamill's voice
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Wow $30 for this game... might just have to bite the bullet, but I want it on PC so bad
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ComicBokChoy14 said:
Meh....... a straight rehash of the heavenly sword plot wouldn't be worth it. At the price of a theater trip, you might as well just buy the game.
Except it's coming straight to video
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tacoSTAN said:
I wonder what the audience is for these games on Vita...
This is great news for Vita owners. This release is perfect for the audience of Vita owners (likely hardcore PlayStation fans who will appreciate a re-release)
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No shit. look at their font. Totally not legit, but I still think the mode might appear
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