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Ginger Ginger_McFinnigan
TwoTonTesla said:
So... is this going to be Heavy Rain esque?
oooooh yea. It totes gonn be.
Ginger Ginger_McFinnigan
I thought the whole point of this new lara was that she's no longer a sex icon. Someone forgot to tell Conan HAHAHAA
Ginger Ginger_McFinnigan
Goblinoid said:
I would never want to play Infinite on Vita, just no.
dafuq?! Bioshock wherever I go?! THIS NEEDS TO HAPPEN!
Ginger Ginger_McFinnigan
Holy crap, 20 bucks to spend on whatever I want on XBLA?! Definitely pre-ordering through M$
Ginger Ginger_McFinnigan
Sadly, the price IS the only thing keeping me from buying a Vita. Sure I'd buy a console for that price or 50 bucks more, but 250 to 300 for a handheld is way too high. It is nice that they'll support the handheld with better software, but dammit I need this thing to be at like $150.
Ginger Ginger_McFinnigan
had access to previous betas, it's a pretty decent free to play game.
Ginger Ginger_McFinnigan
CandyManCommeth said:
Just when you think box games are done.
I can't honestly remember the last time I saw a boxed PC game
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