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Default-user GGbro
Luckily I went the Sony route...
Default-user GGbro
This game was so cool but not really necessary to have facial recognition..
Default-user GGbro
Tropik said:
Let's roll the dice, will it be good or bad.
Probably break something
Default-user GGbro
I hope I'm not too excited for this game.
Default-user GGbro
Taco said:
ohh Xbox One EPSN/NFL contract, how you will cause a community to whither away into incandescent skinned leather heads.
Bro that's fucking weird.
Default-user GGbro
The PS4 is pretty legit. He deserves it. Grats Cerny
Default-user GGbro
LOL cannot believe that this was even a rumor. WTF do they think CoD is? Battlefield?
Default-user GGbro
Hopefulyl it wont veer off like THE FUCKING SHOW DID
Default-user GGbro
caribeener said:
Love me some Wil Wheaton.
Wil Wheaton.
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