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Tbh I never really cared for the online mode. I was killed too much by people and everything was locked at expensive with your character starting with nothing. So I really wasn't going to play it much. Then a hacker gave me a boat load of cash and I was finally able to buy my dream car (Not even the most expensive one) and I was able to afford to buy gun upgrades and ammo. In short: I was able to enjoy the game. Sure having all the money may seem like a terrible thing, but everything that really matters, weapons and weaponized vehicles and vehicle mods, are already locked by the level system (which is also inane) and adding extravagant prices to already locked items really puts me off. I played more after I got the boat load of money than before and I actually enjoyed it and, surprise surprise, I grinded more to keep my money up. I am almost sure that this update will take away everyone's money (if they got it illegitimately) and also remove all items that money went to (cars, houses, weapons, etc.) but I can also guarantee that if they do do that, my interest will plummet because it means again starting with nothing and no being able to even afford ammo for your silly little starter gun. I'd be very surprised if the game survives after all the hacks and glitechs are removed and players are again rendered moneyless. And before anyone says "just use microtransactions for the funds" -I already paid $60 for this game, why the heck should I pay even more for content I should be entitled to? No thank you. If I lose my money and stuff, I'll only be a very faint player of the online more. Friends only and nothing serious. I'm not that kind of person to waste hours grinding, I have a life. I'm a student at a uni. I play games for escapism, not to go broke to pay for a game that starts me off broke. I'm nearly broke in real life, why the heck should I play a game that has me broke in the game, too?
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