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Icheenee said:
'Lots of good Xbox stuff' so official sounding. Wow.
I feel like they need to hire a better spokesman.
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Look atGeoff lying and getting caught like that. Gotta suck
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Limp Noodle said:
God it's going to be so hard isn't it?
His review says a bit.
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They are doing such a good job with the prequel DLC stuff that it'd be a shame if they didn't do some more. Then again I don't want it to feel forced
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It would really suck for them if this game sucked
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Augie D said:
I honestly forgot about this game. Whoops
Me too, I think they probably should have been releasing gameplay or something by now.
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Rabbit said:
Oh man, I just stopped playing this game a month after it released. Either my computer was too shitty or the game sucked.
If you play with friends it's not that bad.
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1.) How did someone get Swifty's address? 2.) This seems really staged.
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Vagrant said:
This is random but is there a second TV doing everything that this one is doing in the background?
You know, it looks like that may be the case...maybe another Kinect was sensitive enough to pick his voice up and boot up too? Or it was a mirror.
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