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Default-user Gene_1_killinger
Interesting to see PS4 embrace the F2P genre so well, and Microsoft kind of brushing it off. DCUO is a fantastic MMO that deserves the attention it's getting, and I'll continue supporting it when I get the PS4.
Default-user Gene_1_killinger
Something about this whole situation makes me a little sick. I wouldn't care that they're asking for so much money if it was all on Kickstarter, because at least there the money can be refunded. The fact that they're asking for money on the side through paypal, which CAN'T be refunded, no matter whether the game hits the goal or not, is sketchy as shit. Sorry, I won't be funding this game, even though I've always wanted a spiritual successor to Eternal Darkness
Default-user Gene_1_killinger
Joe Donato said:
I'm so excited for the summer BECAUSE there's no games coming out. I can finally tackle my backlog before next gen!
Totally agree! I have a backlog of like 10-15 games that I'll gladly get back to now that there is a lull in releases.
Default-user Gene_1_killinger
NotBatman said:
Nintendo... That's horrible. Mass Effect has a bunch of bugs in it.
Hah! I see what you did there
Default-user Gene_1_killinger
Yeah, I honestly mostly use the Staff stance. The reach potential is what makes it for me, though the Escrima speed makes up for the low reach. Nightwing and Green lantern are my mains right now.
Default-user Gene_1_killinger
Not to knock down a devs work, but this game is hardly something I'm interested in when anticipating the PS4.
Default-user Gene_1_killinger
Thomas Adams said:
Over here in France I must way another 2 days!
That's not cool! It's really freaking good so far!
Default-user Gene_1_killinger
Can't believe it's already a new hero. Connor got very little love.... which is kind of sad, I liked him a lot.
Default-user Gene_1_killinger
How many people does this really benefit? Are you telling me there is a large portion of Xbox 360 owners who DON'T have xbox live gold? I feel like this is a waste.
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