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Zynga has a long history of false promises and lie's , a company built by stealing other hard work and labor , Mark Pincus was a educated cheat who couldn't make it by using something new and original , I spent month s/ years helping ppl that play Yoville trying to protect them from hackers and cheaters compiling a list of hackers using profile and FB profile pages to identify them them forwarding them to Zynga and Mark Pincus and never once was it addressed. They ppl that play YoVille like me have invested a lot of money and time most of us are long time players from the beginning 2008 and 2009 and hell yes we are mad as hell we been put out to dry by Zynga .. Dishonesty and money drove Z , never has there been any customer loyalty shown by Z , customer support was a complete joke as any one that has played anyone of their games will tell you and even with a new CEO I see no change in that. Investors beware how you trust when it come to Zynga , take some time to read and study the history of this company you will be shock by what you find. Fight on my Yo friends never give them your support to another game or another dime of your money
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