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Jack Thompson said:
You are right. I am not going to debate you. Been there done that on about 200 national shows, and I believe, according to independent sources, I...
Mate, calm down! If everyone who plays violent video games is evil, why isn't it the bloody apocolyps right now, with people running all over the streets, guns shooting everywhere? Just be reasonable and don't be so immature to call people 'brain-impaired' just for their hobby. Blimey! You gotta' start taking the chill pill, lad! Otherwise you might die from high blood pressure or a heart attack.
Default-user GameSkull
It's logical that a violent man plays violent video games. Doesn't mean the video games are the cause of it. But maybe he played those video games to blow off steam and that prevented him from going beserk earlier. Just a speculation.
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