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truly a fine piece of cinematic artwork. *SPOILERS BELOW* I am very happy to see that characters such as Sora and Goku are excluded. Sora was born in the Disney universe and, although he is game-originated, stands no chance at access into games such as super smash bros or playstation allstars. as for Goku... he's just not game-originated, period (same goes for Naruto, Luffy, and Ichigo). I was rather disappointed at Cloud Strife being a permanent trophy, but seeing Dr Cortex's inclusion really made it worth while (not to mention N. Brio and Uka-Uka also made it in). Being a fan of Valve games, I was downhearted when Heavy and Gordon Freeman died. At least Heavy died with honor. Gordon just got eaten by George from the Rampage series. When I saw the Mii appear, I was astonished to see him make it to the end. I was impressed at the reskins of gmod characters for the creation of Cole Macgrath, Sweet Tooth and Kratos. Although the gmod update occurred, I was delighted to see Sweet Tooth still kicking post-update. Seeing GMan as one of the 4 main villains (other 3 being Eggman, Cortex, and of course Bowser), really gave me a new perspective on who he really is. To those of you who have played the Half-Life series, you know that his role is that of an enigmatic guide who's true intentions have yet to be revealed. Seeing this as his true intention really opens up new possibilities. The many custom models for characters in this movie are really impressive. I will say the Jersey Devil model needs a little work (even if he was trophied off) but his Boogerman and Mumbo Jumbo were by far 2 of my favorites. Many classic characters were revived for this epic quest, as well as some overshadowed characters like Doshin, Vexx and even Ninjabread Man (from by far the worst Wii game in existence). I only wish I could've seen Ryu from Street Fighter, but it is understandable at his disinclusion due to him not being for gmod yet. Overall, my 2 favorite scenes were (unofficial scene titles): - The Battle for SIMS City - Cortex Boss Battle on the Halberd This movie was great; a little sketchy, I will say that, with the slow animations and all, but that's just your variety of GModding. Over 4 hours of action, amazing music, boss battles of substantial proportion, and a massive array of video game characters. My rating for this movie is a 9/10. Well done to Supersmashbrosgmod.
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