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So what game did Dylan Klebold & Eric Harris play, when they shot up columbine high school over in Littleton CO back on April 20th 1999 ? pretty sure it wasn't GTA. What game did Timothy McVeigh play, when he blew up the murrah federal building in Oklahoma City OK on April 19th 1995 ? pretty sure Call of Duty & GTA wasn't around back then. What game did Shawn Nelson play, when he stole a tank from a local armory, & drove it out on the streets of San Diego CA, doing thousands of dollars worth of damage, but wait, that was on May 18th 1995, so no GTA or Call of Duty right there. I've played GTA loads of times, but GTA does not give you online instructions on how to load guns, build bombs, or operate military vehicles. Bottom line, the games isn't what caused those massacres, those guys did it, because they couldn't control their own actions. So Jack, go ahead, keep ranting, because us gamers get a good laugh at seeing you make a complete fool out of yourself.
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