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Riddlemethis said:
Craftying takes so much time but I'd rather people craft than grind gear drops
Dude, it's an MMO. There's grinding for everything and anything.
Default-user Fusable
I wonder if they'll release a trailer for us to see if anything is different...
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MrWhiskers said:
Make it happen toys r us!
Toys R us doesnt even need to, but someone does lol
Default-user Fusable
I dont understand these japanese games where its all about mkaing children to take over the world...
Default-user Fusable
I wonder how they fix and break things so often
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Lemon drop said:
Wuuuuut if they are releasing 2 and tackling a new era for each COME ON FEUDAL JAPAN.
Don't you bring that joojoo on us Enabler.
Default-user Fusable
Uploading now! I hope I win!
Default-user Fusable
Idk why people put these movies down. It's actually really funny and they don't take themselves seriously.
Default-user Fusable
What's the collectors editions priced at? I'm sure it's anywhere from 80-120 but I still wanna know
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