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I think it's hard to be famous no matter what type of famous you are. Be it actor, athlete, author or dev. Everyone has expectations of you and you don't even know their expectations. You can't even begin to live up to them. They're all fantasy. He was hot headed and it didn't help but it was a really shitty situation.
Default-user Fusable
Tropik said:
Let's roll the dice, will it be good or bad.
Don't say that :(
Default-user Fusable
Riddlemethis said:
Craftying takes so much time but I'd rather people craft than grind gear drops
Dude, it's an MMO. There's grinding for everything and anything.
Default-user Fusable
I wonder if they'll release a trailer for us to see if anything is different...
Default-user Fusable
MrWhiskers said:
Make it happen toys r us!
Toys R us doesnt even need to, but someone does lol
Default-user Fusable
I dont understand these japanese games where its all about mkaing children to take over the world...
Default-user Fusable
I wonder how they fix and break things so often
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