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Default-user Frank Crank
This article is a joke if you say your a great gamer but died 3 times in that scene then you would of at least waited in same spot or move to corners to find out how you did in that same location not judge force yourself in a zombie herd? Seriously if you heard a honk that means get the hell out of the way something bigs coming, i didnt even die at that bit and i knew a big truck was heading my way when i heard the honk, its funny how you died 3 times and didnt even find out by then how you died it just means you got poor understanding of your surroundings in re6. Anything is unpredictable in a game you cant call it a cheap death becos of this happening, game creators always find new ways to surprise people and scare them in games like this, im a big Rae fan and have played from 1 to 6 including code veronica and they all had there own moments of surprises. Seems like your trying to blame capcom for this cheap death? You should praise capcom for making an epic re game since Re5 and going a new route and make things interesting it just proves how realistic they wanted to make RE6 and thats a smart thing, plus the truck comes in handyto blowup the gas station otherwise you would fight unlimited hordes of zombies and die. This is a stupid article in my opinion sorry to say.
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