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Default-user Fly Boy
Microsoft should take note of what REAL games look like. Their Games for Gold has been soooo shitty
Default-user Fly Boy
This is quite possibly the most boring "story" trailer ever. It's terrible compared to Killzone
Default-user Fly Boy
As long as it's not pay to win i dont care. but i don't see how ppl who spend money on in-game cash won't be at an advantage. R* turning into EA with their greed.
Default-user Fly Boy
This is dumb. Everything social that the PS4 does, the Xbox One will do also and probably better
Default-user Fly Boy
I actually have this mouse. It is super comfortable, especially for those with smaller hands
Default-user Fly Boy
Linkonlogs said:
But how big was the study group tho?
does it matter?
Default-user Fly Boy
Thomas Adams said:
study group size and they should define "Gamer" since facebook or iphone/ipad games don't count.
umm and why don't iphone/ipad games count? I hope you're joking.
Default-user Fly Boy
LockedNLoaded said:
This is why the PS4 will be awesome.
@Salty Jon Blow is more than just a 'random indie dev.' He's the creator of Braid and is well respected among the industry.
Default-user Fly Boy
I feel so bad for Wii U owners...
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