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Default-user FireUmbreon Mage
Letty Letticia White-Rock said:
Nintendo said, iirc, that they'd press legal issues against PETA if they did another parody. Also lol reused art
I can sense a 10 billion sue or whatever on the way. either way they're going to be disbanded this time for real... good riddance.
Default-user FireUmbreon Mage
Jason Keller said:
Why is Grimace in the game?
because they're protesting mcdonalds in a shitty attempt to gain attention whoring again from the fatties or something like that.
Default-user FireUmbreon Mage
HEY PETA GO FOR DIGIMON INSTEAD. they "abuse" the poor digital monsters there. *sarcasm* No seriously instead of annoying pokemon then why not shoot for digimon instead and pull off one of those fail-tacular stunts like you did this year and last year? I'll eat my popcorn once they do digimon as well the rest of the videogame world considering they already did cooking mama, mario, pokemon, starcraft and maybe others. seriously you peta people must be very retarded to notice that videogames creatures and animals aren't real and what you're doing is free advertising for nintendo or blizzard or any other videogame company you're making these dumbs things against them but one day they'll sue you'll be sued peta like you've never been sued and you'll be bited in the ass... hard.
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