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The reason PS4 is going to do better is that people like me who supported the xbox and xbox 360 are just sick of Microsoft. The fact that Sony supported and continued to support the PS2 until this year and still will support the PS3 even when the PS4 comes out is really appealing to me. I am not some play station fanboy i was an avid supporter of the xbox 360 this whole generation but just got sick of Microsoft. I guarantee that some of the exclusive titles showcased will eventually go multi platform with future installements if you dont believe me look at bioshoke and mass effect both were originally xbox exclusives. Thirdly i doubt microsoft will create any new ips for the xbox one instead it will most likely create more installments in the exclusives that it starts off with, again if you dont believe me look at gears of war, halo and fable they have been saturated to the point where they have gotten bad(except for halo as halo 4 was a great and fresh take on master chief and his journey). Dont get me wrong microsoft has a great gaming product but the thing is they dont focus on gaming they focus on a family entertainment system im not going to buy an xbox if its just going to be another expensive dvd player. Sony has literally won me over and halo isn't enough for me to shell out $500
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