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Default-user Fatulla Mammadov
are here anyone from the admins group or ther are not anyone?? when you will send us key of cbt?? or you don't want??
Default-user Fatulla Mammadov
when you will send me and others cd key?? how long time we must wait and from where we can get it?? pls answer me.
Default-user Fatulla Mammadov
Hello ladies and gentylmen, from long time i look for games like tactical, strategy, turn based, RPG like HOSHIGAMI. it was my 1-st tactical game when I found. I loved and today love again, but to play same game in much time is bored me... why I look for game in on-line, Today I play 6 games with interesting but they are not enough and time to time they bored me too.. and also they are not game like Hoshigami... there are like style tactic actions. Pls let me join now and try practice at the game. before my thanks.
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