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Default-user fatty
Gypse said:
So haven't they already spent a bunch of money on this? It's still that far behind in production?
Maybe they haven't been working on it...
Default-user fatty
It's already been a year and they have nothing to show for it?
Default-user fatty
MS Paint said:
Yeah, uh we've got Titanfall coming can go away
Basically this^
Default-user fatty
If they decided to sell each episode separately again, I'd have gone crazy! Glad they decided to put it as one big package.
Default-user fatty
This is entirely because of the Fallout 4 news! I bet that's it! All I know is, if that page would LOAD I'd get it.
Default-user fatty
Blockade said:
Holy crap!! This is so awesome! Im not really good at using the dualshock (used the 360 controller waaaay too much) so this is gonna be great for me!
That controller is kinda hard to get used to but once you do it's so great.
Default-user fatty
Mongooo said:
He almost looked confused for a sec but then he just goes with it. Almost like he thought he missed a memo. That's pretty great.
Troy handled it better than the rest of us would lol
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