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I don't think anyone denies that women play games.But these studies are pretty meaningless and uninteresting unless there is some sort of break down by genre, platform etc. Just got curiosity's sake it would be more interesting to see the percentage of males and females who play different games like Call of Duty as opposed to a Lego game for example. Not that playing either of those classify you as more of a gamer than the other (I wouldn't touch a CoD game for example, but LEGO games I can't get enough of, and I play them with my sister!), but you'd have to be a fool to suggest different genres weren't more popular with one sex rather than another while some are enjoyed equally by both. Also, the breakdown of men vs women who visit game sites like this would be interesting, or a breakdown of men vs women who watched an E3 stream. I saw a photo of people who attended a convention for upcoming space sim Elite Dangerous and out of the 28 in the photo, two were women (that I could tell). Again, not saying they are more "gamers" than fans of other genres, but yeah, these kind of stats are more interesting to me.
Default-user Fasty
CatsInTheWind said:
GoG has some awesome sales sometimes but nothing can beat steam
Uh huh, until your account gets banned for some reason which you have no recourse if you are outside the United States legal system, and you lose potentially thousands of dollars worth of games? Or for some reason Valve goes bust and you are left in the same situation? Or how about if I'm without internet connection and go buy a boxed PC game, then realise I can't play it because it has to unlock on Steam before it will let me? I think you can beat Steam, personally. DRM free all the way.
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