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Aaron T. Starks said:
I'm glad that you're correctly pointing out that this "hate the rival more than you love yourself" attitude is primarily driven by Sony fans. They...
I have Friends who are getting an XBone. im getting a ps4 simply because i cant afford both and i really don't see myself using any of the aspects of the xbone that the ps4 wont have. i mean sure id love to play ryse and dead rising. but i mean i could always just let my friend borrow my ps4 while i borrow his xbone just to beat the campaign of those. but i would also like to say that more people call me a gaystation fan or a gony more than ive ever seen anyone make fun of the Xbox. o.o in fact i've never met a ps3 player that just bashes the xbox and its players repeatedly. and also. i cant wait till nov 15!!! i'm gonna pick up a psn card with my ps4 to get minecraft ^.^ and i'm already getting bf4 bundled with it cuz i couldnt get watch dogs :P
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