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This is too true for me and a lot of other people. I've put in over a thousand hours into Dark Souls, I've played all the builds, did all sorts of crazy challenge runs. I know the in and outs of mostly everything. And it's very clear this knowledge of how the Souls games work, makes my experience a bit easier. I didn't die nearly as many times as I could have in the beta (none of the bosses killed me). I wish I could erase all memories of the Souls games from my mind, but keep the intrigue to play them, and go into Dark Souls II like that. I'll undoubtedly play DkSII for countless hours even without that but I'd love to have the experience of playing a Souls game for the first time again. Anyway, my mouth is watering as the days for DkSII's arrival decreases. My patience is running thin, I literally can't wait for this game to come out.
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