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Default-user Fack
Default-user Fack
Cpt Luis said:
I suck at this, I suck at the other one too. I can't fly past 1 column
Is anyone actually good at this?
Default-user Fack
I hope they bring the external hard drive info in the preview!
Default-user Fack
Aniviaa said:
So if I buy RP the time to do it is next month. I swear they better have an amazing sale going on then too.
Default-user Fack
Whhhaat this is awesome!!
Default-user Fack
I get it for free! I was really upset when they took Skullgirls off of the market but I'm glad to have it back!
Default-user Fack
Fillibuster said:
There should be more support for the Wii U, this is insane. It basically only gets 2 games every other month!
No it doesn't get more than people think. This console is floundering.
Default-user Fack
I have to admit that this looks awesome but the fog didn't help me get a better look.
Default-user Fack
So, 8 years (every year with Xbox gold) and TONS of MS games isn't GOOD ENOUGH? Why didn't I get an email?! I didn't even own a PS3 until last year!
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