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Err felt compelled to respond since I think this review does this game a huge disservice. I'm a massive MMO fan who has been addicted to Wow, battlefield, rift, SWG, defiance and a whole host more over past 15 years.. I had gotten tired of looking for a wow replacement, I had been logging on, shooting/crafting/raiding, but really the minute I logged on my brain logged off. When I downloaded cloud chamber from Steam for a relatively cheap cost, I had zero expectations, it's was the umpteenth new title I'd thought i would "give it a go". A couple of weeks later of playing a few hours most evenings, I am a complete cloud chamber fan & convert. The game, it's incredible story, concepts, possibilities, theory, the incredible music and sound effects, the ability to google the clues and learn a TON of stuff, interact with similar people, and learn real life stuff about our planet has awakened every inch of my rusty brain cells. Hell there is even some hot sex thrown in! I am not a geek, I am not a astro physics guru, in fact I didn't even know 90% of the terms mentioned in the story before I started. The community is what a real community should be like, helpful, encouraging, not the usual halfwit trolls who stalk most MMO forums. The review above says "shallow story" "bunch of shmucks" "all your time never truly amounts to anything"... I can only imagine that the person writing the review above either isn't very intellectually challenged themselves, probably did spend much time on it, and probably wants spoonfed in all aspects of their life. In all of us, there is a little bit of us that likes to solve mysteries or puzzles (the number of puzzle apps on apple store is a testament to that). This is a puzzle like no other, it's draws you in, compelling you to go the next step to find out some more parts of the jigsaw. Even when I reached the end, I am now going back through the chapters again, helping and encouraging other players. I learn more every time I log on. On a final note the lead character is a female. Being female myself, I think this is very clever, there is a whole generation of girls out there who will love this if they dip their toe into it.. Very astute. Hope you try this and immerse yourself in the wonderful cloud chamber experience, but get ready for your mind to be woken up in all ways unimaginable!
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