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Default-user esrb
Getting more and more excited for this game!
Default-user esrb
So many people were excited for this. So many people tried loggin on at the same time. No surprise. Happens with almost every major beta/game launch.
Default-user esrb
Glad for the patches some of them were really annoying.
Default-user esrb
They never have the movies I want in their machines. I hope they at least have the games I want.
Default-user esrb
Electric Sheep said:
C'mon Redbox! Pick up where Blockbuster left off! Don't forget the 12391203$ in late fees.
Don't you bring that joojoo on us. Don't you do it.
Default-user esrb
I mean it's no surprise...any game that uses online servers has trouble at launch.
Default-user esrb
Hotdog Flavored Water said:
uh Cortana is hot problem with this.
Dude she got so hot in Halo 4.
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